The Airport connects your city to the rest of the world and greatly reduces traveling time.  It allows you to deplot distant mission camps more easily and efficiently to explore remote areas.

Level Pop Max Increase Camp Earned Vehicle Earned 1st Knowledge Fragment 2nd Knowledge Fragment 3rd Knowledge Fragment Total Constuction and Mission Time Reduction Genium Cost
1 500 Delta n/a Parachute Runway Airport Signalization System -5%
2 800 Dyno Stealth Drone Air Traffic Controller Black Box n/a -10%
3 1000 Optima n/a Drone Electronic Ticket n/a -15% 15000
4 1200 Bravo Exploration Airplane Airbus A380 Airport Scanner n/a -20% 25000
5 1500 Olympus n/a Da Vinci Ornithopter n/a n/a -30%

Note:  The mission reduction times are cummulative between the Airport and Transport Factory, for example a level 2 Transport Factory and a level 5 Airport would decrease mission time by 30% or 30%+5%.