The Design Academy trains expert in the art of creation and analysis methods.  This optimizes the energy efficiency of the missions they are sent on.

Level Pop Max Increase Expert Earned 1st Knowledge Fragment 2nd Knowledge Fragment 3rd Knowledge Fragment Total Energy Consumption Reduction Genium Cost
1 500 Designer Jeans Little Black Dress Bikini -2%
2 1000 n/a Top Hat Crinoline n/a -5%
3 1200 Engineer Mary Quant's Miniskirt Dress Form n/a -10% 10000
4 1500 Architect Corset Smart Textile n/a -15% 25000
5 1800 n/a Meat Dress n/a n/a -25%

Note: The energy reduction reduces the cost of everything that costs energy including: attacks, exploration, and collecting fragments.