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symbol for energy


Energy is the main resource in Brain Storm. Players are allocated a small amount of energy when they start the game then it’s up to them to maintain and increase it. The energy is used to send vehicles out on exploration missions and experts out on fragment analyzis missions. It is needed to send attacks on oracle and on other players.

Energy is produced by cognitive reactor. Material needed to maintain its production is knowledge (full units and/or fragments). Finding and analyzing a new fragment increase energy production. Gathering related fragments to complete a knowledge unit will also increase energy production. A player can also master fragments and units by answering questions, that will increase energy production.

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energy counter

Every player can monitor his own energy production. Production can decrease (for 24 hours) if some fragments or units are deactivated after an opponent successful attack. Counter will show the difference, and time remaining.

Production is capped by cognitive reactor level. Player will have to spend genium to upgrade reactor, hence being able to produce more energy per hour.

Energy can be received as a reward when a player changes level, when his shield succesfully block an attack, and by completing quests.

Significant amounts of extra-energy can be obtained right after answering questions to master fragments or units, if the player is fast enough (time bonus) and accurate (serial correct answers).