Genium symbol

Genium symbol

About Genium

Genium is the new mineral, recently discovered, that helps you develop and expand a city, and an oracle .

- Genium veins can be found all over the world, during explorations.Those veins can be mined using extractors. Different veins levels exist, based on their richness. Powerful extractors are needed to exploit veins at their maximal level. Extractors drivers need to have a rest from time to time (every 8 hours) so extractors do not work continuously.

Population can also produce genium, through various kind of houses. These people do not rest, they produce continuously.

Genium cadran

maximum genium income

Genium standart income can be monitored. Bonus of production from mining and population can be obtained by upgrading some buildings in your city.

- Extra genium is also obtained after a fragment's analysis (50 to 2500 genium from a single fragment). Rare fragments usually contains more genium (500 after 1st analysis) than common ones, and high level fragments usually offer more genium than low levels ones. If you can analyse a fragment more than once, you will get more and more genium.

Example: 1st analysis of mosaic fragment (level 2) retrieves 100 genium, next analysis of another mosaic fragment retrieves 150 genium, 12th analysis of a mosaic fragment retrieves 2500 genium...

Genium is also obtained as a reward when player reach a new level, or when completing quests.