The Geology Lab develops the extractors deployed in the field to exploit the genium veins discovered worldwide.

Level Pop Max Increase Expert Earned 1st Extractor 2nd Extractor Genium Cost
1 100 n/a Surface Extractor Multi Terrain Extractor
2 200 n/a Sifting Extractor Leveling Extractor
3 300 n/a Hammering Extractor Digging Extractor
4 400 n/a Drilling Extractor Tunneling Extractor 25000
5 500 n/a Dynamiting Extractor Extraction Exoskeleton 42500

The Geology Lab is the only way to make extractors in game.

The higher level the extractor the higher quality genium vein to can exploit on the world map.  For Example,  The Level 10 Extractor (Extraction Exoskeleton)  can extract from all vein levels but, the level 1 extractor (Surface Extractor) can only process level 1 veins.