The Space Center allows you to develop satellites used to discover knowledge by locating its energy signature in the world.

Level Pop Max Increase Satellite Earned Vehicle Earned 1st Knowledge Fragment 2nd Knowledge Fragment 3rd Knowledge Fragment Genium Cost
1 500 Vulture n/a Biosignature Space Probe Moonwalk
2 800 Owl n/a Space Capsule Planisphere n/a 2500
3 1000 Harrier n/a Spacesuit Astronaut PPK n/a
4 1200 Hawk n/a Animal Astronaut Shooting Star n/a 20000
5 1500 Eagle Suborbital Shuttle Blackhole n/a n/a

The Vulture and Harrier Satellite drop 2 markers.

The Owl and Hawk Satellite drop 6 markers.

The Eagle Satellite drop 4 markers.

The Satellites search faster the higher the level of the satellite.